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About iMEDSuper

How does iMEDSuper work?

iMEDSuper offers a range of professionally managed portfolios investing in listed Securities and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

In consultation with the Cutcher & Neale Investment Services iMEDSuper team, you select the portfolio that best suits your needs.

You then have online access to view up-to-date portfolio valuation and performance reports, as well as dividends and associated franking credits, investment transactions, contributions, fees and costs. This means you will know to the cent how and where your Superannuation is invested, 24/7.

Asset classes include:

  • Australian shares
  • International shares
  • Listed property
  • Fixed income
  • Listed Fixed Interest Securities
  • Cash

Who actually owns the investments?

Cutcher & Neale Investment Services plays no part in custodial arrangements of the investments. HSBC Bank Australia Limited (HSBC) are custodians of the super and hold the legal title to the assets and investments, whilst you retain the underlying beneficial interest of the assets and investments.

HSBC do not perform any supervisory role and are required to act in accordance with instructions they receive, for example, effecting the settlement of transactions on your behalf.

As a custodian, they are required to meet prescribed regulatory and financial requirements.

The Superannuation Legislation and the Corporations Act governs your rights and under the Superannuation Constitution, you have the beneficial interest in the assets held in your account.

This means your Superannuation account receives the dividends and any franking credits from the underlying securities that make up your portfolio.


Who manages the investments?

Cutcher & Neale Investment Services will look after the day to day management of your portfolio and investments.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced investment specialists review and assess market information to select the investments that best meet the objectives of each portfolio as described in the Product Disclosure Statement.


Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL)

Cutcher & Neale Investment Services is the holder of AFSL No. 433814 and complies with the ongoing requirements of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

These requirements include two annual audits which are completed by two separate and independent organisations; one of a financial nature and the other an audit of the AFSL itself.

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